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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Detoxification Make Skin Glow

Colon cleanse

Exclusive of other poisonous substances that we socially consume like tobacco, alcohol and drugs, there are many products that dump toxic wastes into the bile, from there to the small intestines and finally to the large intestines before excretion. This means that our colon must be functioning efficiently to be able to drain out all these waste. When we don’t detoxify, we become constipated and the waste in the colon turn out to be putrefied, rotten and produces toxic gases that gets absorbed in the blood; sometimes these toxic gases try to exit through the skin because the colon is blocked causing body odour and halitosis (mouth odour), acne, pimples and blemishes.

Other times colon cancer can develop since the good bacteria (Lactobacillis acidophulus and bifidus) can be overtaken by the bad bacteria which then may start to synthesize carcinogenic compounds. You can take a capsule of these good bacteria two or three times a day or eat non-sweetened yogurt to neutralize the bad bacteria.

Plants for colon cleansing are aloes, Cascara, Castor beans, psyllium, cassia, senna and many other laxative herbs. Colon cleansing through enema is also very useful as it keep us looking younger.

Kidney cleanse.

The best way to detoxify the kidney is by drinking a lot of water. This organ is very vital in the filtration of toxins in our system; it also re-distributes and re-absorbs 99% of these chemicals back into our blood and only 0.1% is eliminated as urine.

Plants for the kidney includes diuretics such as mistletoe, kidney beans, borage, carrot, nettle, onion, pineapple, cane, agave and juniper. These plants promote the elimination of waste substances, eliminate uric acid (in gout and arthritis), urea, oxalates and phosphates (that causes kidney stones).

Liver cleanse

As the main organ of detoxification, the liver synthesizes and secretes up to one quart of bile which carries toxin through to the intestines for elimination. The liver also contains enzymes that break down chemical bonds in toxic wastes and turns them to water soluble products for elimination. These enzymes also attach to chemically active components and flushes out the chemical intermediates formed through the colon. Being the biggest gland in the body, the liver produces bile, which is needed to transform nutrients into other components, as well as digest fat and perform blood cleansing.

Plants for the liver are plants with cholerectic properties i.e. those that favour bile production by hepatics cells; reduces congestion and enhances liver function. These include onion, vervian, milk thistle, dandelion, liqorice, bitterleaf, calendula, chicory, etc. Plants that regenerate the production of hepatics cells when they have been damaged (by viruses, medicines, toxic substances) are also useful. Examples are peppermint, grapevine, radish, spirulina, artichoke, etc. In addition, cabbage, oatmeal, cauliflower, soybeans, flaxseed oil and all good fats are excellent for liver functions.

Gallbladder and Pancreas cleanse

Other plants facilitate gall bladder dysfunction and serve to empty the stored bile at the right time for digestion to continue. These plants are olive oil, linden flowers, quassia, javan tea, St John’swort, dandelion, boldo, etc. For the health of the pancreas which promotes the production of the pancreatic juice for digestion; nettle, papaya leaves and St Benedict’s thistle (leaves) are all good for the proper functioning of the pancreas.

So next time you are worried about achieving a flawless and smooth skin tone, think of cleansing your insides first. When the system is clean there will not be breakouts and your confidence will increase.

Barefoot Technology

To cleanse the body of these positive charged neurons it is recommended that you sit, barefoot in your lawn for at least thirty minutes a day.

That’s wonderful. But what if you don’t have a lawn? What do you do during the winter months if you live in the North Eastern United States, for example? Or a part of the world where there is no grass? If you are a suburbanite, you most likely fertilize your lawn, use weed killers, and various other chemical treatments to maintain that ever-green lawn look.

More importantly, what if you don’t have the time? You are busy working, taking care of children, or serving as a primary care giver for an invalid parent, how to you get thirty minutes into your already very full schedule? There is an answer.

There are programs and products that provide the necessary detoxification. A series of floor mats, wrist bands, bed sheets, blankets, pillows and shoes all designed to reduce the positive neurons built up in your body are now on the market. As with any product, the results vary from person to person. With these products, you can work at your computer, or sleep on them, or walk in them; thus removing the need for the thirty minutes a day routine.

About Raw Food

Doctors specializing in end-stage cancer and other terminal diseases recommend eating raw food over cooked food, as the former will help the body resist cancer cells. In fact, they would classify food cooked at high temperature as dead food that feeds the body’s bad bacteria and nourishes its cancer cells.

Moreover, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation will not improve the health condition of a cancer patient who refuses to eat healthy food according to specialists.

The only way to destroy the bad bacteria that nurtures cancer cells is by opting for organic food that did not undergo multilevel food preservation methods, which are designed to destroy the microorganisms of a food product including its good bacteria that aides the body in fighting diseases.

A survey of 10 women with breast cancer reveals that three of them decided to change their diet to fruits and vegetables, and after three months with no meat and just raw fruit and vegetable recipes, their disease vanished.

According to three successful women who almost succumbed to cancer, their macrobiotic diet helped them beat the cancer cells. While a macrobiotic diet only constitutes of fruits and vegetables, one of them heeded the advice of her doctor to include raw beef liver and pork pancreas in her daily menu. She was the first to be cleared of the disease.

Actress and thigh trainer Suzanne Somers is another breast cancer survivor who opted out of chemotherapy in favor of the natural healing process. She grew vegetables in her backyard and had them every day apart from Iscador, an extract from mistletoe, and just like that, her breast cancer was gone.

It is not wrong to have faith in modern medicine, but even the best doctors advise their patients to match their radiation and chemotherapy sessions with a healthy diet. They added that bromelain and pexoxidase, which are enzymes found in pineapple, are among the best nutrients that can kill cancer. Broccoli, on the other hand, is rich in phytonutrients that prevent prostate cancer.

Meanwhile, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are rich in ellagic acid that reduces the risk of heart and liver diseases.

Take your fruit whole or extract its juice. No matter what your preference is, just make it a point to include a fruit in your daily diet to keep cancer and other deadly diseases away.

Extracting Toxins From Body

Most people already know that having your skin exposed to the elements of nature can cause dryness, itchiness and blotching. Common products like Aloe Vera can help sooth your skin, but more specified products like an Aloe Vera fairness gel can help with more specific parts of your body. An Aloe Vera fairness gel can give that area of skin the special attention it needs. The hands and face are the most exposed areas of skin, and sometimes even arms and legs need that special touch that an Aloe Vera fairness gel can only bring.

Not only can aloe bring relief to the outside of your body, but it can for the inside of your body as well. Aloe Vera Juice is quite popular in Asia and has sprung up here and there in Europe. Amla Juice is also quite popular, it is known for cleansing the body internally. Not only does it do the body good but it’s delicious as well.

Amla Juices’ main ingredient is the Amla. Amla is a fruit that’s picked from trees and is also very popular being grounded up into an Amla powder. Taking Amla in the powder form is the best way to get its full benefits. However, some people don’t like the taste of Amla powder (a bit bitter) so a tea is often made. A teaspoon a day of Amla powder is what’s normally recommended. Amla candy is also very popular. It’s a little sweeter and a lot easier to enjoy, but getting the full benefits of Amla in candy form is questionable. Amla candy is a lot more popular among the younger generation.

Triphala powder is also becoming well-known throughout the world. Triphala powder consists mainly of only three ingredients, Amla, Myrobalan, and Belleric Myrobalan. Triphala has been known to help with the skin, heart and eyes. It also cleanses the body so energy can be directed better to where it’s needed. Naturally, triphala powder is the most effective combination of other herbs (such as Amla powder) can not only cleanse the colon but keep the liver healthy, while flushing the body of toxins. It effectively regulates a healthy digestive system, while strengthening the immune system, lungs, urinary tract, and the entire muscle system.